David Perron Doing Light Workouts, Yet to Skate

Perron Doing Light Workouts,
Hasn’t Returned to Skating

David Perron’s last game was back on November 4th against the San Jose Sharks where the young winger suffered a concussion in a collision with Joe Thorton. Since that time, news on Perron and his road to recovery has been pretty tough to come by. President John Davidson spoke on the telecast leading up before the game against the Wild on Friday, and offered some brief insight in regards to Perron’s rehabilitation.

Long story short, Perron still has a tough road ahead of him. Also, there unfortunately hasn’t been any major progress or any significant new news to report.

Perron has been doing some light workouts off the ice but still hasn’t been cleared to resume skating. While it is encouraging that he hasn’t suffered any setbacks during his workouts, it is also pretty discouraging that here we are several months later and he is still feeling some effects that are keeping him off the ice.

Concussions can be a pretty frustrating injury – ask Perron and he’ll likely say the same thing. Unlike other injuries such as a broken bone or a torn muscle, the recovery time for a concussion greatly varies from player to player. Look no further than the St. Louis roster to see evidence of this as Andy McDonald was absent just a month while Perron is into month number four.

With such a young star as Perron, it really comes as no surprise that the Blues aren’t rushing him back. As Davidson pointed out, you run the risk of a young player coming back too soon and injuring himself even further, risking the possibility of a career-ending situation. The organization will be patient and allow him as much time as possible to make a full recovery.

Hopefully Perron will be able to take the ice in the near future and will begin the process of working through the rust caused by missing NHL action for the past few months. With the Blues entering the last stages of the year, each day that Perron doesn’t begin his on-ice rehab is another day closer we are to finding out he has been shut down for the remainder of the year.

At this stage, don’t plan on seeing Perron’s name in the lineup anytime soon. We hope we’re wrong, but his recovery has needed to be a very slow and careful process. If the Blues fall out of contention late in the year and Perron is ready to go, we may see the Blues hold him out just to be safe.