NHL Trade Deadline – St. Louis Blues Live Post

NHL Trade Deadline
St. Louis Blues Live Post

St. Louis Blues vs Calgary Flames

The NHL Trade Deadline is growing ever closer. The deadline is supposed to come and go at 3:00 eastern time on March 3rd. Who will stay and who will go around the NHL? More importantly, who will head to St. Louis and who will exit? Is it possible this team will stand pat with all of their current players? These questions all need answers, and you can find them each time you check back to this post. This post will be updated whenever a move is made, or whenever any rumblings in the NHL world occur. Be sure to check back regularly.

All times are Central.

March 3rd – 3:58pm: Thanks to everyone that followed along. Feel free to comment and discuss what moves you wish the Blues would have made, and how you feel about the couple moves they did pull off.

With the deadline behind us, time to look ahead to the frantic finish for the last couple playoff spots in the Western Conference.

March 3rd – 2:17pm: According to JR from the Post-Dispatch, the Blues are done trading and no deals involving the team will be announced.

One blogger’s opinion: I’m surprised. With all the speculation concerning Boyes, Tkachuk and Kariya of late, I thought we might see one of these three heading to a new club. When approaching this deadline, I believed one of two things would happen. 1) The Blues would dump some of their bigger contracts to try and get a return on a skater like Paul Kariya or 2) the team stands pat and we see a big shakeup this summer.

Aside from a few deals that will impact the minors, the Blues mostly remained quiet. With Paul Kariya’s contract set to expire at the end of this season, I expect him to leave the team along with several others that we didn’t see move before the deadline. While I am a bit disappointed the deadline was so quiet overall, I expect from a Blues perspective that this will pave the way for an active summer.

March 3rd – 2:08pm: Former Blue Lee Stempniak is headed out of Toronto to Phoenix. Best of luck Stemps.

March 3rd – 2:01pm: The deadline has come and gone. Now the waiting game as the last second deals file in. Blues have been notorious in recent years concerning last second deals. Could this year be the same? Or are they confident in standing pat with the roster they’ve got?

March 3rd – 1:57pm: Just a couple minutes to go … and of course news might break after the deadline. Appreciate all the comments.

March 3rd – 1:32pm: Down to our final 30 minutes before the deadline. The Blues have been known to pull off a deal at the very last moment, so I’m not ruling anything out at this stage. Of course, news can also come in after the deadline has come and gone, so make sure you stay tuned.

March 3rd – 1:02pm: Less than an hour remaining in this year’s trading period!

March 3rd – 12:52pm: Successfully ran out to lunch and back without huge news breaking involving our beloved Blues. Whew.

March 3rd – 12:03pm: This isn’t so much a trade, but former coach Andy Murray has found a new home. Murray will replace Ralph Krueger and take on the role of an assistant coach of the Swiss national team as reported by our good friend Rutherford from the Post-Dispacth. Congrats to Murray and I’m glad to see he found a new position.

St. Louis Blues v Edmonton Oilers

March 3rd – 11:39am: Looks like the rest of the Yan Stastny picture is complete. Stastny will make his way to Vancouver and Pierre-Cedric Labrie will join the St. Louis organization. Statsny (pictured right) has spent most of the year down in the minors, but did skate in four games with the Blues this season chipping in one goal. He originally came over to the Blues from Boston back in 2007 when the Blues traded a fifth round pick for him.

On the flip side, Cedric Labrie will report to the AHL as he has yet to make an appearance at the NHL level. Labrie was rated as the 20th best prospect in the Vancouver organization, and is touted to be roughly a third line forward by Hockey’s Future.

An extremely minor deal, the Blues only action so far before this year’s deadline has been strictly of the AHL variety.

One blogger’s opinion: Not much to get excited about or to breakdown here. The Palushaj/D’Agostini deal will at see a new face at the NHL level for the Blues, but this one will take a while to see an impact at the professional level. We might have expected bigger deals involving faces on the current St. Louis roster, but so far it has all been AHL centered.

March 3rd – 11:33am: Andy Strickland reporting that Yan Stastny has been traded to Vancouver. More details to follow.

March 3rd – 11:20am: More speculation around Boyes and Kariya in the hockey world, but nothing that I would deem as newsworthy. I’m not a rumor creator nor stirrer, so don’t expect to find stuff like that here. That being said, I expect numerous teams to call the Blues just to get a read on the situation as time begins to run out. I am seeing via Twitter that a few reporters (Strickland for one) believe Edmonton and Montreal could be asking about Boyes and Kariya.

My question about all this is what can Edmonton offer in return? Talent is few and far between on that squad, so I’d have to imagine it’d be picks rather than players. Keep in mind, that’s just speculation. I’m not about to let this site turn into a place where rumors are treated as fact like certain other sites that I will leave unnamed.

March 3rd – 10:48am: Lots of minor deals around the NHL, with several including defenders. As the d-men jump around, could this increase the likelihood that Carlo Colaiacovo is dealt before the deadline? If you remember back several weeks ago, it was reported that the Blues front office informed the rest of the league that Carlo was on the block. If this is still the case, I could see the phones start ringing as other options at defense disappear.

March 3rd – 9:28am: Currently, all is quiet. The deadline is early this afternoon, but so far there have been no major stirring where the Blues are concerned. Dan O’Neill from the Post-Dispatch offers his views and believes that no deal is imminent as far as the Blues are concerned. Still, with the team informing the league that Boyes is available, a lot could change in a hurry as the deadline nears.

March 2nd – 11:30pm: The Blues have made a deal. Our friend Lou Korac broke the news first that the Blues swapped Aaron Palushaj for Montreal’s Matt D’Agostini.

Ottawa Senators v Montreal Canadiens

So who is Matt D’Agostini? The right winger is skating in his third season at the NHL level, all with the Canadiens. Last season he skated in 53 games and put up 21 points. This year has been more quiet, with just four points in 40 games.

On the flip side, leaving the St. Louis organization is Aaron Palushaj, a forward who was ranked the team’s fourth best prospect. You can read all about Palushaj over at Hockey’s Future.

One blogger’s opinion: I thought pretty highly of Palushaj based on what he demonstrated in the Blues’ youth camp way back this past summer. He seemed to be a solid with the puck and could bring out some nice stick-handling if need be. His shot was a snipe, at times. Hockey’s Future ranked him between a potential second line and first line forward if he continues to develop.

I’ll be honest, I’m not very familiar with the face coming back on the other end of this deal. Matt D’Agostini is still young (23) and has a solid OHL and AHL career to his name. Through 139 AHL games, D’Agostini tallied 102 points. This same success has yet to carry over to the NHL level, but clearly there is talent there.

March 2nd – 10:45pm: Blues secure a big victory with a 5-2 win over Phoenix. T.J. Oshie with a massive hit, a goal and an assist. The main topic of the day, Brad Boyes, chipped in his 11th goal of the season. How many players tonight felt they were skating with their future up in the air? My guess is several. Oshie is in my opinion an untouchable, but Boyes could definitely be on a new team at this time tomorrow, if a club is willing to take on his large contract and believes he can return to his high scoring ways.

The win makes the race for the playoffs that much closer, and I think tips the scale a bit more in the direction of buyer rather than seller. I expect a lot to happen between now and tomorrow afternoon, so stay tuned for what I hope is a fun ride.

March 2nd – 9:26pm: Blues are currently skating against Phoenix, and are performing quite well. One has to wonder if many of the players feel like they are skating for their futures here.

March 2nd – 6:05pm: Rumors swirling about Brad Boyes. One team that popped up in connection to Boyes was Nashville, though it seems to just be fabricated (don’t you love the internet?). Bottom line is Boyes has an enormous contract – he is in the second year of a four year, $16 million contract. Few teams want to make that big of a splash on someone who has struggled to find the back of the net … or the side of the net … or well anywhere within three feet of the net. You get the picture.

March 2nd – 3:58pm: Jeremy Rutherford from the Post-Dispatch reveals that Brad Boyes is available to the trade market. Evidently a memo was sent out to each NHL club alerting them that Boyes was on the market.

Not much of a shocker here. Boyes has 10 goals on the season, down from 33 last season and 43 the year before. Boyes is third on the team in points, but he is on the team to score goals – a feat he hasn’t accomplished with any regularity this year.

March 2nd – 3:38pm: Andy Strickland from KFNS stated on his twitter that:

You won’t find too many players on Blues roster who aren’t available. Outside of an Oshie and Johnson u won’t find too many others”

One has to imagine that David Perron has to be on that list as well. The more intriguing part of this Tweet was that it makes it seem that the Blues are willing to deal just about anyone – assuming that the price is right of course. Strickland followed this message up by saying that:

“If Boyes and Colaiacovo are moved they would love for it to be in a package deal.”

Whether this is a quote/fact or just Strickland’s interpretation is anyone’s guess. Strickland is around the team a lot, but his link to the phony and rumor producing Hockey Buzz must make the reader take all of his comments with an enormous grain of salt.

March 2nd – 2:25pm: A bit of real news. Nick Kyperos (of sportsnet.ca) stated via Twitter that:

Paul Kariya has informed the Blues he has zero interest in getting traded and will not wave his no trade clause. Tkachuk also reluctant.”

Tkachuk has said he doesn’t want to move far from his family, and has grown accustomed to staying in St. Louis. Kariya is a whole other story. Perhaps his move from Nashville to St. Louis was one he thought would be his last, and perhaps he just wants to finish out the year in St. Louis before weighing his options. One thing is for sure, Kariya should not be expecting a contract any where near his enormous $6,000,000 pay day he is getting this year.

March 2nd – 2:12pm: Things mostly remain quiet as far as the Blues are concerned. Several buyers are looking for a defenseman to add to their squads, and defense is an area the Blues have a surplus of. There was talk that Carlo Colaiacovo might be looked at and possibly dealt, but obviously nothing has come to fruition. Skipping back several weeks, it was reported that Colaiacovo was officially on the block, but since then the speculation has slowed. As other d-men move off the market to new homes, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more teams look Carlo’s way.

March 2nd – 11:03am: Jeremy Rutherford, the man behind the Blues at the Post-Dispatch, reports that JD stated, “a few teams called yesterday … nothing serious … all is quiet today.”

Interesting. The Blues are in as awkward a position as any team in the NHL, treading on the thin line between buyer and seller. One can only wonder just what sort of negotiations/calls might have been made during the trade freeze, but as for now we know that no serious talks have transpired with the Blues in the past day or so. This of course could change at any moment as teams examine all of their options.

March 2nd – 10:23am: Prior to the news he would miss 10 days with his pinkie injury, there was a lot of speculation Keith Tkachuk could be on the move to fill in as a rented piece for a contender. Andy Strickland (from KFNS the Fan) stated that Tkachuk would prefer to stay in St. Louis and retire as a Blue. I personally would like to see him finish things out here, but if a move to Boston emerges I could see Walt considering things a bit more closely, seeing as it is his home town. Boston isn’t exactly a contender in the definition of the word, but a possibility of Walt being on the move is definitely still there.

March 2nd – 9:45am: Lots of speculation, hardly any facts/news. The move yesterday involving the minors system is the only move the team has made thus far. Some believe Paul Kariya would waive his no trade clause if he was bound for a contender, but I have to imagine that few contenders are really looking his way due to the price tag and frankly, the extreme lack of production. Still, it’s early and it’s way too soon to rule anything out at this stage.