More Bad News for Lars Eller

More Bad News for Lars Eller

Just when you think the sky is clearing, clouds rush in and rain on your day. Such is the case when news broke that the highly touted Blues prospect Lars Eller has suffered yet another setback in his very young career. With training camp and preseason games set to go, Lars Eller has been diagnosed with mononucleosis otherwise known as mono.

This news dampens the hearts of Blues fans that crossed their fingers hoping the Danish player might be able to win a spot on the NHL roster in the preseason.

Of course, this is not the first obstacle Eller has faced while attempting to make his NHL. Drafted 13th overall in 2007, Eller has battled a variety of injuries, most recently a shoulder injury that he has been rehabbing throughout the year in an attempt to make the St. Louis roster this year. The Prospect Camp saw Eller look 100%, zipping down the ice and sniping shots prooving the skills he has when healthy. Fans thought the bad luck was behind Eller, but unfortunately news broke yesterday that changed that frame of mind. Diagnosed with mono, Eller is now slated to miss training camp and possibly a couple to a few months depending how things pan out.

While it was optimistic to think he might start the year at the NHL level, most people expected us to see him in a game some time this year makign his debut. However, after these latest developments, Eller’s debut once again is muddled beneath a series of injuries and just down right bad luck.

UPDATE: As of 9/14, Eller has taken part in some of the drills at the Blues training camp, but is still being held out of scrimmages/games.

UPDATE #2: On 9/15, Eller’s blood test indicated that his case of mono is “mild”. He would like to play in an exhibition game, but that decision is up to the team.