No Surprise – David Perron to Miss Start of 2011-12

No Surprise – David Perron to Miss Start of 2011-12

David Perron

What we all expected and feared has now been made official: David Perron will not be ready for the start of the 2011-12 season, as reported by Jeremy Rutherford. Perron has been trying to recover from post-concussion syndrome from a hit he suffered back on November 4th in a game against San Jose.

Previously, GM Doug Armstrong stated that the team would plan to start the year without Perron if he hadn’t returned to training in July. July has come and gone and still Perron hasn’t been cleared to resume regular workouts or even skating for that matter. Rutherford states that Perron has done some very light exercises a couple months ago but saw some symptoms and fatigue flare up.

The report indicates that Perron did make big improvements a couple months ago (when they attempted to get him back to exercising) but he has since seen his improvement slow significantly. Rutherford indicates the progress is “slow and steady”.

Just like before this news was released, there is no timetable on when Perron will be cleared for practice, let alone cleared to return to NHL action.


Personally, I don’t find this news very surprising though I do find it extremely disappointing. Perron hasn’t skated since November 4th nor has he been able to even attempt a regular workout. With training camp looming and the regular season opener sitting on October 8th, it might have been a bit ambitious for anyone to truly believe he would be able to put roughly nine months of inactivity behind him and instantly be ready to skate at an NHL level.

This news obviously didn’t come as a surprise to the organization as they brought in plenty of depth through free agency in case such a scenario with Perron would play out.

At this stage, I think the immediate hope for fans is that Perron can make a safe recovery rather than an immediate return to the lineup. Clearly, this is one serious injury and it remains to be seen what will happen if Perron ever returns and suffers an in-game hit. Personally, I just hope Perron is able to make a return – period. I don’t care when but this is the type of injury that has the potential to be career-ending – let’s hope Perron is able to avoid that route.