Thankfully for Brian Elliott, the All-Star Game Doesn’t Count

Thankfully for Brian Elliott, the All-Star Game Doesn’t Count

Brian Elliott

Well, that was fun … I guess? Brian Elliott was unfortunately on the losing end of the 2012 All-Star Game as his team fell by a score of 12-9. Elliott appeared in the third period, stopping 13 of the 19 shots he faced. It was nice to see Elliott on the national stage but it was sort of uncomfortable seeing him give up so many goals. Thankfully for Elliott, and all of us, the All-Star Game is merely an exhibition and doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t) have any lasting effects.

Now that the All-Star Game is behind us, it’s back to business. Hopefully Elliott enjoyed the All-Star Game and won’t be bothered or troubled by the number of pucks that got past him and will be ready to get back to work once the Blues return in February.

Unfortunately, Elliott was the worst of all the goaltenders by giving up six goals while every other goaltender only allowed three. Goaltenders are the victim of the All-Star Game in an exhibition that features no defense, checking or hustle which allows the opposing forwards to quite literally bust out all the tricks in the book. You have to feel for the netminders but at least the ones that were mic’d up kept a good sense of humor.

I’m sure there will be fans out there concerned that all the pucks flying past Elliott might ruin his confidence or turn him back into the goaltender he was when he was with Ottawa prior to being dealt to Colorado. I urge those fans off the ledge. Until Elliott struggles in a regular season game we have nothing to worry about – especially not his play in an exhibition with nothing on the line. Maybe it’s just something about Ottawa that causes Elliott to come unhinged? Who knows.

The Blues will next play on Friday, February 3rd. It’s unclear which goaltender will get the nod or whether coach Ken Hitchcock will give Elliott the start to get him back on track after seeing the NHL’s elite score on him numerous times.