Video: Tarasenko Records a Hat Trick in the KHL

Tarasenko Records a Hat Trick
in the KHL

Vladimir Tarasenko just keeps on impressing. Following his “magical” shootout goal during the KHL All-Star Game, Tarasenko returned to action and scored three very impressive goals for SKA St. Petersburgh. Should Tarasenko’s success in Russia get Blues fans excited or should it give us more reasons to worry that the talented forward won’t leave the KHL for the NHL?

This is a bit of a Catch-22. We all want to see Tarasenko perform well as it gives all of us hope that if Tarasenko makes the jump to the NHL he will make an immediate impact. Arguably the best prospect the Blues have had in some time, Tarasenko has a level of skill that would drastically change the St. Louis offense as we know it. He just scores goals. The method might vary but the end result is usually Tarasenko burying the puck in the back of the net. As you can see above, his shot is a devastatingly accurate snipe.

However, if Tarasenko continues to put on a show it’s believed SKA St. Petersburgh will do what it takes to keep him in their ranks. With deep pockets, the club could make Tarasenko an offer that would make leaving for St. Louis feel like a silly option. At this time we aren’t sure what Tarasenko’s intentions are. He’s clearly enjoying success in Russia but does he dream of NHL success? The only person that knows that is the man in question.

I caution Blues fans to avoid getting too carried away by Tarasenko’s success. There is a very real possibility that SKA St. Petersburgh makes him a huge offer that the Blues simply couldn’t match. There is a very real possibility that Tarasenko simply wants to remain in his home country. We will all just have to wait, and hope, that we get to see Tarasenko’s skill in the St. Louis area in the near future.