Fans Weigh in on David Perron

Fans Weigh in on David Perron

At some point this week, the St. Louis Blues will meet with David Perron and address the point we have all been wondering – how far along is his recovery? Based on what they learn, one of two things will happen. One – Perron still can’t be cleared for training which means his timetable for a return still remains unknown. Two – Perron is finally cleared by team officials, granting him the ability to work out and resume skating. With the outcome of this week’s meeting seeming very uncertain, various fans weighed in on Twitter with their expectations.

Opinions are quite mixed as to what the outcome of Perron’s meeting with the team will be.

Twitter, while not a true or complete accurate portrayal, gives us a bit of insight into what some fans are thinking about the situation. Consider it a miniature survey or poll, if you will.


Some fans believed the news will be positive, such as:

TheBobbyLama:  “It will be positive news. DP will finally be cleared to skate & work out but no practice or contact yet.”

BleedingBlue95: “Army seemed very optimistic that he would be ready for training camp so they knew something we didn’t so I will say positive.”


Some fans were torn, not sure which side to gravitate towards:

ItsJustStarla: “I think it’ll be positive in that it will be news/on the radar but it’ll end up being a “he’ll be out another X months”.”

GrantSales: “I think a little of both. My personal thought is he’ll tell them that he’ll be ready by mid-December.”


Finally, others fear for the worst:

Husky75: “Don’t see much positive coming out of it. Won’t be surprised if he is done.”

Crombeen26: “I hope I’m wrong but I think it will end with negative news.”

As you can see, the opinions of just a small sample of fans pretty much cover all the bases. While some believe Perron’s road to recovery is still a long ways off, others feel he may be making it back to the ice sooner than later.

At the very least, these fans that responded all have one thing in common – hope.

DeannaStevens1: “I really, really hope great news.”

ClaudiaDCuba: “I wish SO MUCH it’s going to be positive but the fact that the meeting has been arranged for several weeks makes me think it could be negative. But I keep my fingers and toes crossed.”

We should know more about the Perron situation in the coming few days. Fans should all brace for the worst yet hope for the best. Stay tuned.

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