St. Louis Blues Twitter Guide

St. Louis Blues Twitter Guide

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A healthy percentage of my readers are already quite accustomed to using Twitter and are well aware of what accounts are fun to follow, but if you are among those that haven’t hopped on the Twitter bandwagon, well, this post is for you. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of Twitter accounts to follow if you’re just starting out in the Tweeting world.

As I’ve said before, Twitter has revolutionized how we get our news. Gone are the days of just reading various articles, like this one. Now you can interact with not only the journalist/writer but with a large percentage of the athletes themselves. Follow along with games, trade rumors and all of the latest news.

St. Louis Blues Twitter List

To help fans that are new to the Twitter game, I’ve created a one-stop shop for all accounts that might be worthwhile for a Blues fan to follow. The link above, which you can also find on any page of this site in the header labeled “Twitter” contains a huge selection and constantly updating list of accounts related to the Blues.


Are the Blues about to make a trade? Will Player X be able to start next game? Find out first on Twitter. Here you can follow all of the beat reporters as well as the team’s official feed to find out all the latest information.


Curious what Ian Cole is up to when he is in Peoria? Several players and prospects from the St. Louis organization have been confirmed to be on Twitter and you can see what they are up to when you aren’t watching them on the ice.


Perhaps the Blues best use of Twitter doesn’t even come from a player or from the organization itself but rather from a large, blue bear. Louie Blues provides some hilarity through his antics on the ice but his sense of humor carries over quite well online.

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Whether you just want to follow the Blues or you are curious what more mainstream media at the national level has to say, you can do it all. From other blogs to other newspapers, you can instantly know what’s going on with each squad without having to visit each team’s site.

Blues Fans

That’s what we are and that’s why you’re here. This site is designed to be a hub for news, analysis and editorials while also being a spot for fans to come together and talk some hockey. In the Blues Twitter Guide, you’ll find a growing list of fellow Blues fans to converse with. These are some quality individuals that love to talk all things hockey, especially about their beloved Blues.

Personally, my favorite aspect of Twitter is this ability to connect and speak with fellow fans despite being separated by hundreds (sometimes thousands – GrantSales) of miles.

So what are you waiting for? Join us!