Bluesclusives – Grant Sales

Grant Sales – UK Fan

Name: Grant Sales
Location: London, UK
Occupation: Airport Security
Twitter name: @GrantSales

Living outside of the United States, the question must be asked – how’d you start cheering for the Blues?

I got a demo of Brett Hull Hockey ’95 (on 3.5 inch floppy!) and played that incessantly. Craig Janney was a scoring legend for me usually, hahaha. So, from that day, I followed the Blues. However, I will admit that when I had NHL ’93, I used to play as the Kings…

First Blues memory?

Apart from how I came to like the Blues, it was the opening of the Kiel Center in 1995. I didn’t quite understand the whole lockout mess, so the opening of a new arena was a big thing. I suppose the next strongest memory is the signing of Gretzky who, even in the UK at that time, was a big name and of course the heart-breaking double overtime Game 7 loss. Last season’s Stanley Cup commercials actually made me wince in pain…

How does living in a different country influence how you follow the team?

It’s a lot easier with the advent of easier internet access, smartphones and social media. Back in ’95, I had to buy USA Today from farflung outlets, which were sold at a huge premium. There is very little coverage in traditional UK media ,so nowadays, I use the NHL GameCenter app to follow the Blues via game radio.

I also work nights in the UK, so I’m usually awake and available to listen. When I’m off, I’ll occasionally stay up to watch a game, however my wife-to-be is a Pens fan so we usually trade scores in the morning!

Are you an isolated fan there, or do your friends cheer for the Blues too? Do they think you’re nuts for following a team so far away?

Hahaha, yes, I’m a lone voice in the wilderness here. There are a few UK friends who like hockey, but they follow teams like Toronto and Nashville. A lot of people don’t understand my hockey/Blues obsession, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! Twitter helps immeasurably when it comes to finding fellow UK supporters.

Outside of winning a Stanley Cup, what would you like to see the St. Louis organization do differently, whether on or off the ice?

Hmmm. I’d like to see the ownership issue sorted out more than anything. We’ve cut our cloth accordingly for so long, it would be nice to have the go-ahead to have some punch in the UFA/RFA market. Conversely, I’d rather be resigned to our current financial pocket-watching than dream of the former. I’d also ask serious questions about Corey Hirsch’s role in the coaching staff, as I feel he’s not maximising either Jaro or Conks’ potential.

Last thoughts?

Get well soon, @DP_57 and LET’S GO BLUES!!!