Thursday News/Links – 8/27/09

Thursday News/Links – 8/27/09

A rare Thursday edition of News/Links to keep you updated on all the latest from St. Louis, as well as other major news from around the NHL.

This week we look at more optimism surrounding the Blues, brand new commercials as well as a few more looks into the headache that is the Phoenix ordeal. Also, a quick look around the world of sports and as always, our video of the week which has recently become videos of the week.

Blues News/Links

  • The official St. Louis Blues website features an article on optimism heading into the 2009-10 season. FrozenNotes produced a similar article earlier this summer, which just goes to show that there are a lot of high expectations heading into this season.
  • Have you had your dose of cheesy commercials lately? No? Well here are three new Blues commercials promoting the single game tickets being on sale. Solid idea, but just a little too high in the cheesy quality, which shouldn’t really be a surprise. Wish the old Perron ad from last year would come back.
  • In case you missed it, ESPN posted an article on the 2nd day of USA camp on how Erik Johnson has a lot to prove this season.
  • Is October 2nd here yet?

NHL News/Links

  • Dany Heatley blah blah blah blah blah. Enough said.
  • Mike Sillinger, the man who played for the Blues (and 11 other teams in his career) announces his retirement.
  • The NHL is offering $140 million to buy the Phoenix Coyotes, which is the lowest of the three offers currently on the table.
  • The Phoenix saga explained.
  • Martin St. Louis has been promoted to a line that will feature Crosby and Nash. Sickening.
  • A look at Chris Drury and how Little League Baseball helped build leadership from an early age.
  • Simon Gagne of the Flyers has a groin strain, but should be ready in time for training camp. Philadelphia will need him to be healthy, as he helped carry the team with 34 goals and 40 assists last season.

Other News/Links

Video of the Week

In general, people are stupid. In case you ever doubted this statement, swing by some day and give yourself a laugh. I guarantee it will make you feel smarter. Today’s installment – man tries to open garage door before his car smashes into it. Wow.