Kyle Wellwood’s Era in St. Louis Begins and Ends

Kyle Wellwood’s Era in St. Louis
Begins and Ends

Just like that, Kyle Wellwood’s tenure with the Blues comes to a close. San Jose has claimed Wellwood off waivers, marking the second time in under a month that the Blues have had a signing claimed from them off waivers – the first being Marek Svatos.

Doug Armstrong and the front office just can’t catch a break. Granted, Wellwood likely wasn’t the answer to all of the team’s problems (let’s be realistic here), but he was at least an attempt to bring in outside help.

Twice now the Blues have signed a player in an attempt to boost the team’s roster only to have them swiped by other teams through the waiver process. It may not seem fair, but that’s how it goes.

It’s one of those situations that isn’t easy to explain. San Jose could have easily beaten the Blues to the punch in signing Wellwood, but just as we saw with Svatos, once the name came up following the Blues’ effort in making the initial deal, the easy route was to steal him away.

It is frustrating from the perspective of the fans, but it must be close to infuriating for those directly involved.

I thought the odds of him being claimed were around 70%, as I mentioned on Twitter last night. Wellwood’s contract was pretty light and several teams around the league could use the depth. Unfortunately, my inclination was correct and now the Blues must again search for a new option.