John Davidson’s Future Uncertain

John Davidson’s Future Uncertain

It’s still unclear which club John Davidson will work for in 2012-13. The Blues gave their current President a 30-day window (a clause that was in his original contract) where he was allowed to go and meet with other teams to discuss his contract status moving forward. Davidson’s window is coming to a close which means we should have a better idea about what his future holds in the coming weeks.

A recent article on mentions that in the past week Davidson met with the Columbus Blue Jackets. The connection here is obvious as the Blue Jackets are in a similar place that the St. Louis Blues were in when Davidson joined the team in 2006. They are in desperate need of someone to help orchestrate the rebuilding process, both on and off the ice.

Tom Stillman, the team’s new owner, has yet to indicate what he plans to do with Davidson. Davidson has three years left on his contract and is owed approximately $6 million. Considering the rough state the club is in financially, it would be a logical move for Stillman to cut ties with Davidson in the pure interest of saving money.

However, as discussed by Blues fans on Twitter, if the interest for Davidson is as widespread as it appears to be (Columbus, Calgary and potentially several others) wouldn’t it be wise for the Blues to retain him? Clearly, teams around the league covet Davidson and want to add him to their ranks. The Blues could, and possibly should, view this as a clear indication that they’d be letting a valuable asset walk.

Davidson has stated that he has four potential paths to go down now that the new owners for the Blues are in place. 1) Remain with the Blues. 2) Join a new organization. 3) Return to broadcasting. 4) Retire. It’s uncertain which option Davidson is personally leaning toward but it seems pretty safe to rule out the retirement route. With so much interest flooding his way it seems doubtful he’ll call it quits.

Personally, I think it’d be a shame if the Blues were to lose Davidson’s services. He has done a masterful job of helping turn the Blues around both by creating a successful rebuilding process through the draft and by stressing his message through marketing campaigns that rejuvenated the St. Louis hockey market. It’s really no surprise that other NHL teams want him to join their ranks.

If Davidson leaves for a new team or a new endeavor, I applaud him and thank him for his work here in St. Louis. He was one of the key figures that turned the Blues from a joke into a true contender.