Vote in the Blues Fan Choice Awards

Vote in the Blues Fan Choice Awards

It’s that time of the year again. The Blues are hosting their annual Fan Choice Awards and want your help in deciding who was the team’s MVP, most surprising player, most popular player to go along with a variety of other categories to recognize the best from 2011-12. A preview of my choices can be found below.

Here are the categories for the 2011-12 Fan Choice Awards:

– Team MVP
– Best Forward
– Best Defenseman
– Biggest Surprise
– Unsung Hero
– Most Popular
– Best Moment

The Blues offer a wealth of moments to choose from in the Best Moment category, including Hitchock’s debut, but also allow you to submit your favorite if it isn’t on the list.

My biggest surprise was Brian Elliott (shocking, right?). His story is about as good as a hockey story can be as it featured a lost goaltender taking a tiny contract in the hopes of just making an NHL team. He ran with his opportunity and ended the year as one of the best goaltenders in the NHL.

My unsung hero is Ryan Reaves. Reaves doesn’t receive the credit he deserves. He’s more than just a fighter, though he has proven he is a tremendous one. He can handle the puck. He often provided a spark when the Blues were flat. His strong play in the intangible aspects of the game, like David Backes, are off the chart.

You can vote for your players/moments here.

Photo courtesy of the official voting ballot.