Trade Deep Freeze

Trade Deep Freeze

The Olympics are here and the freeze is on. I anticipated the Blues to make some sort of move before the trade deadline and that is still a very big possibility, but it will have to wait until the Olympics come to a close. Though the freeze is on, the Blues will skate tonight against Toronto before wrapping things up before the break against Washington.

Does this mean the Blues won’t make a move? Not one bit. The Blues likely are interested to see how the next couple games go before pulling the trigger on any deals. The line between being buyers and sellers is still a murky one when talking about the Blues. Things are pointing in the direction of being on the selling side, but we won’t be seeing a situation similar to the one in Florida.

Today Florida announced they were going to do a complete overhaul of their squad and that meant everyone and anyone could be on the move. Florida does have some interesting talent to look at, but it’s unclear what they are asking for in return.

My eye is on Tomas Vokoun, the goaltender for the Panthers. Now that FLA has stated that anyone can be dealt, Vokoun immediately jumps to mind as the Blues obviously need a more permanent answer in net. I think it’d be foolish for FLA to deal the goaltender as he is a guy a team can be built around, but I do hope the Blues can land him for a less than steep price for selfish reasons. His contract is pretty pricey ($5.7 million this year), so he would be a tough guy to land. Still, a guy can dream.

Speculation and wish lists aside, the Blues (and many other teams) sat idle before the Olympic freeze but I highly doubt this will be the case come the actual trade deadline. Stay tuned.