Ultimate Prize in Reach for Cam Janssen

Ultimate Prize in Reach for Cam Janssen

Cam Janssen

It still might be a bit painful watching playoff hockey for Blues fans. However, if you can stomach it, consider flipping on the Stanley Cup Final to support former St. Louis enforcer Cam Janssen as his New Jersey Devils try to best the Los Angeles Kings for the top prize.

First, don’t plan on seeing Janssen out on the ice. He hasn’t skated for the Devils since April 7th. Still, it’s an opportunity for the St. Louis native to have his name engraved on the Cup – an honor fitting of a player that did so much for his community during his time with the Blues.

You may remember Janssen throwing huge hits, having fights that seemingly lasted for hours and stick handling that left you chuckling. Instead, you should remember Janssen for what he did in the St. Louis community. Janssen should be remembered for his great works of service and charity that he did while with the Blues. He constantly offered up his time for a variety of acts, including hospital visits and autograph sessions with fans.

In one instance Janssen was appearing on a local radio show. Fans were encouraged to watch the show live for a chance to receive an autograph from the St. Louis forward. At each commercial break, Janssen signed autographs as you’d expect from any athlete. Here is what Janssen separates himself and his true class shines through. Janssen would ask individuals how their day was, he’d answer any questions fans had all while acting as if he was no different than you. He was modest and most importantly, thankful for his role in the NHL.

Janssen’s departure made sense for the Blues. However, it was still sad to see a player that worked so hard for his community, especially off the ice, head to a new town.

Janssen may not contribute on the ice during the Stanley Cup Final but his actions off the ice would make him a worthy recipient of the game’s top prize.