Cam Janssen Video Tribute

Cam Janssen Video Tribute

Cam Janssen

Most fans understood that Cam Janssen wasn’t returning to the Blues for the 2011-12 season, but the hunch was made official when the news came that Janssen had signed a one-year deal with New Jersey. Janssen was primarily known for his huge hits and spirited fights but his legacy from his four seasons in St. Louis should also include all of his efforts off of the ice.

Before we dive into a few of my favorite Janssen fights and moments, it’s necessary to point out all the work Janssen did away from the game. From hospital visits, charitable efforts or even just a friendly conversation, Janssen is as nice as they come. While spending time with a local radio station, Janssen not only signed autographs but genuinely talked and joked with fans. Despite his tough persona, Janssen clearly has a soft spot for his youngest fans and could usually be seen flipping pucks to kids prior to home games.

Now, on to the videos.

Cam Janssen Runs Over Carey Price

This might be one of my favorite moments, which is ironic as it is a perfectly clean hit by Janssen – on a goaltender of all people. My exact thoughts can be found in this piece highlighting the huge check on Carey Price.

Cam Janssen vs. Aaron Voros – Feb 16. 2009

He threw rights. He threw lefts. He clearly won this fight.

Cam Janssen vs. Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond – Mar 20, 2010

Janssen should most likely be remembered for his stamina and duration in his fights. Seemingly against the laws of nature, Janssen seems to never tire and actually improve as a fight drags on. Here, enjoy one of his longest bouts.

Cam Janssen vs. Arron Asham – Nov 7th, 2009

Yet another instance where Janssen waves the officials away. This great battle features Janssen landing some bombs while also showing he can take a few as well.

Cam Janssen vs. Krys Barch – Jan 2, 2011

Often we’d see Janssen invite punishment like some character out of a movie. Here as he battles Krys Barch, he clearly waves for Barch to “bring it” in one of the best fights of the year.