Plenty of Changes in the St. Louis Front Office

Plenty of Changes Off the Ice for the Blues

Blues fans knew changes were coming once Tom Stillman’s group officially purchased the Blues. The former owners, Dave Checketts’ group, had a model in place that was failing to turn a profit. As soon as the new group took over it was safe to assume the front office would see a wealth of changes. CEO Mike McCarthy stepped down from his position on Friday while assistant coach Scott Mellanby announced his intentions to leave earlier this week.

Mellanby’s departure has very little to do with the new owners in place and more to do with the fact he is looking to explore other career opportunities. The two sides split on positive terms as Mellanby has stated after two years of coaching he is more interested in a career in the hockey operations department.

McCarthy’s departure is more in line with the Checketts’ era coming to an end. McCarthy was a member of Checketts’ company, SCP Worldwide and took over the role of CEO back in 2010. It was assumed that Stillman would want to name his own CEO rather than use a member of the old regime, so McCarthy stepped down.

Who will become the CEO? The current popular guess is that it might be a spot for Brett Hull. We know he’ll be involved in the business side of the team but we haven’t heard where he will go. With McCarthy’s spot vacated, it would be a logical fit.

Are more changes to come? We’ll have to wait and see. Rumors have been flying that President of hockey operations John Davidson will be departing in the near future. This rumor remains unconfirmed but it appears Davidson will address his future with the organization soon.