Top Moments at FrozenNotes in 2010

Top Posts at FrozenNotes in 2010

The New Year signals a time for countless articles around the Internet reflecting on the year that was. You might as well add one more to the mix. This blog saw plenty of content in 2010 (113 articles to be precise), all of which covered a broad range of topics from transactions, injuries, clutch performers and disappointments. However, it was an issue off the ice that stole the show at this blog in 2010.

Dish Network vs. Fox Sports Midwest

I never would have guessed that back when I wrote a rather emotional post in 2009 calling out the Dish Network and Fox Sports Midwest debate that it would lead to the fire storm that it did. Granted, compared to other blogs my traffic and user interaction is fairly low. I target quality over quantity and sometimes the stars align and visitors find themselves on my pages.

This was the case with Dish Network vs. Fox Sports Midwest. I went on to write several posts about the controversy and the results were pretty astounding. Traffic poured in and fellow Dish Network subscribers had a place to vent and connect with other users in the same unfortunate predicament. The problem persisted through the 2009-10 season until finally coming to a conclusion, salvaging the 2010-11 season for Dish subscribers.

Combined, the numbers from the posts involving Dish dwarf the rest of the traffic for the rest of the entire site. Amazing what one hot topic can do – especially when people are angry.

Will Dish and FSM reach a deal?

Dish Drops FSM

Oh the Irony …

Dish and Fox reach a deal

NHL Trade Deadline – St. Louis Blues Live Post

The trade deadline is always filled with excitement, and I tried to capture some of the action for fans that were unable to keep up on all their sources.

When the deadline approached during the 2009-10 season, I got to work trying to update anyone and everyone on all the rumors, news and deals that might occur.

In the end, the Blues acquired Matt D’Agostini and Pierre-Cedric Labrie while distancing themselves from some of the other movers and shakers.


NHL Trade Deadline

End of 2010 Recap

The Blues had plenty of ups and plenty of downs in 2010, and I had a blast covering them as a member of the Fanball Sports Network. The Network has since moved on and this blog remains as one of the surviving parts, but my passion to keep this thing running in my free time is just as strong as ever.

Goals for 2011

Everyone needs goals and this blog is no different. Obviously, a basic goal here is to increase readership. I see roughly the same numbers from day to day, and a boost would be nice. I’m aware of what other sites/blogs attract in a month and while I’m not shooting too high, respectable growth is a goal.

Add a writer or two. This is one man’s blog and is the voice of one individual. Adding a second or third voice would be nice, assuming the right situation comes along.

Quality, not quantity. While I am looking to keep pace with the 110+ posts I wrote in 2010, I understand that time will be in limited supply, so when I write, it better be good.

Thanks to everyone that has stopped by or that follows me on Twitter @FrozenNotes.

Here’s to a great 2011!