Power of the Stache

Power of the Stache

Ty Conklin turned in a ridiculous shutout performance over the sputtering Calgary Flames last night. Conks has been pretty solid in net all season long, but last night was arguably his most complete effort of the season. Was Conklin more focused? Maybe. My money is on Conklin’s new facial hair which might have given him the power to turn aside every shot Calgary threw toward the Note’s net last night. Clearly, Conks is lost as to what year it is, but his play is as sharp as ever.

Last year with Chris Mason the term “Fear the Beard” was thrown about quite a lot. Perhaps that’s where Ty Conklin got his inspiration from this season. The image below was taken from a Blues game televised recently, and well … words can’t do it justice.


Wow. Add in Erik Johnson’s retro Blues hat that the defender found at a gas station and you have a goaltender straight out of a cheap porno flick. Or maybe the 70s. Either way, Conklin’s look is certainly a hilarious one and I hope he keeps it – especially as long as he is playing shutout hockey like we saw last night.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in to me and found it as hilarious as I do.