Monday News/Links – 7/27/09

Monday News/Links – 7/27/09

News is at a minimum currently in the NHL, but since we missed our usual installment last week, here is a quick dose of the weekly news and links. Look for the news/links posts to become more frequent as more happens around the NHL that is actually worth mentioning.

Blues News/Links

  • In case you missed it, or have not read any posts on here recently, the Blues reached terms with Roman Polak which ties up another loose end this summer.
  • Time to officially be concerned about Eric Brewer. As suspected, his recovery likely will cut into the start of the season. In my opinion, as I have stated numerous times, the news on Brewer’s health should cause the Blues to bring in a veteran defender to round out the defense.
  • Aside from speculation, that is all the latest news about the Blues. Things will move slowly for a while during these dog days of summer, but be sure to check back for the latest updates on all things blue.

NHL News/Links

Video of the Week

NHL news is slow. Very slow. I still expect some signings/deals to be made in the not too distant future but until then we need to occupy ourselves with other forms of ways to kill time, like Twitter, Youtube, etc. On that note, here is one of the best videos I have seen on Youtube in some time and it likely will change the face of weddings as we know it.

JK Wedding Entrance Dance (Chris Brown – Forever)