Ending 2010 on a Positive Note

Ending 2010 on a Positive Note

The clock struck midnight and just like that it was the start of 2011. The Blues enter the new year riding a five game winning streak that has seen them beat tough opponents in the likes of Detroit, Chicago and Atlanta. With the Blues sitting tied for fourth in the West and the news about TJ Oshie improving by the day, it is clear that 2010 ended on a very positive note.

So what does 2011 hold and what resolutions should this team make?

For starters, I hope 2011 brings health to all of the current injured players and that the Blues can find a way to avoid the injury bug down the final stretch of the season. TJ Oshie’s return date seems to move forward each time he practices, but we still have David Perron and Andy McDonald to worry about.

After the Svatos signing fell through (thanks Nashville), I still expect there to be a deal of some sort made as the season chugs along. As to when or who the signing/trade might involve, that’s really anyone’s guess. Oshie’s eventual return is a major bonus, but the Blues will still miss Perron and McDonald as seemingly no process has been made in recovering from their concussions.

Blues 2011 Resolutions

  • Play a full 60 minutes. We’ve seen hard work and great physical play the last couple weeks, but the Blues are known to fall into lapses where the team as a whole appears to have left their determination in the dressing room.
  • If it doesn’t work, fix it. I’m all for sticking to a plan heading into a game, but once it becomes quite evident that the opponent can thwart your attack, and has countless times, it’s time to adapt. In certain games the Blues get stuck in an endless theme of dump and chase and refuse to adapt their style. I trust Payne’s approach but I want the Blues to stay flexible and keep their opponents on their toes. At time this season, the Blues have been extremely predictable. The times this has happen, the team walked away with no points to their name.
  • If the injuries are serious, don’t hesitate to find help. Svatos would have been a nice addition, but obviously the Blues could use another scoring component if they hope to keep riding high this season.

That being said, I hope anyone who stumbles across this post had a great New Year’s and makes 2011 the best year yet. Feel free to stop by and chat it up with me on Twitter @FrozenNotes.