Advice to Fans for Handling Tarasenko Reports

Advice to Fans for Handling Tarasenko Reports

Rumors have been swirling around Vladimir Tarasenko’s future. Will he come to the NHL or will he elect to stay home in Russia and play in the KHL? That is the question. Leading up to his decision fans have seen reports indicating he will come to the NHL and others making it seem like he will stay put in the KHL. It’s important that we all keep our senses and avoid making a big deal out of any report until official news comes from the team or Tarasenko’s mouth.

Recently, a report out of Russia stated Tarasenko was “overweight” and unfit to play due to said weight. Interesting timing, given the fact Tarasenko is believed to be making a decision soon don’t you think? This sort of report is likely designed to throw St. Louis representatives off and question Tarasenko’s fitness and perhaps offer less money. Such a report is likely designed to keep Tarasenko skating in Russia.

Other reports have guaranteed Tarasenko’s future lies in the NHL and that this added weight is muscle for the NHL. These claims are more optimistic and ones Blues fans want to see but they also contain some fabrication. In reality, reports about Tarasenko being excited to play in the NHL sound a bit too good to be true, especially when you consider that if Tarasenko was eager to play in the NHL he would have decided some time ago.

I’ve elected to not link any of the previously mentioned reports as I feel they don’t hold water well in the factual world. There isn’t enough behind them to give them any feeling of credibility, thus, I’m not sourcing them.

The bottom line is that fans should view the Tarasenko rumors and reports as that – rumors and loosely based speculation. They are no different than major trade rumors. Have some fun analyzing the reports but take everything, from America or Russia, with a huge grain of salt.

Only Tarasenko knows what he will do. No need to get too happy or too worked up until the words of his decision come out of his mouth. Now if only ESPN felt as strongly about hockey as they did about basketball we could have another elaborate “decision” on our hands.