St. Louis Blues Rumor Mill v. 1

Blues Rumor Mill v. 1

Rumors have been swirling around the NHL lately and the Blues have found their name popping up in a few of them. This will be running column on so check back often or look in the archives to follow along this Blues specific rumor mill.

Now, as I mentioned these are rumors , which means there is absolutely no truth to them currently and that it is pure speculation. The rumor mill is a wild ride as “news” swirls and names are dropped. Sit back, enjoy the ride and follow along with FrozenNotes as we look around the league and see what the Blues may or may not be up to.

Dany Heatley

Heatley has requested a trade away from the Senators and as a result a plethora of teams have been linked as being “interested” in the sniper. The Blues as well as the Kings, Flames, Wild and Rangers have also been linked which makes it seem like the market is wide open to Heatley. However, the Senators have also reported that Heatley is “not in shape” and not “motivated to play” which makes me wonder whether that is true, or if it is just the result of the bad relationship Heatley and the Ottawa front office have. The Blues have a wealth of young talent that they could be inclined to deal but from the sound of it Heatley might just be a cancer for whatever team secures him.

Nik Antropov

This rumor has even less information than a normal rumor should have, but     Antropov might be released during the summer. That being said, the Blues’ name  has surfaced as a potential landing spot for Antropov, but that is about as much as we know currently.  Antropov is an UFA and will likely look for a healthy sized contract, and the Rangers are hoping to avoid another Wade Redden situation. If they can sign him for cheap, they will, but if the price is too high look for Antropov to make a move. The Blues are likely looking for one more piece to round out their offensive puzzle, and Antropov could be a nice fit.


However, I (like many other Blues supporters) am concerned that the Blues might trade away too much young talent, and need only to make a small addition this summer. If they can sign Antropov for a small amount I am all for it, I just hope the Blues do not try and do too much in the offseason.