Fellowship of the Puck

Hard checks into the boards, sweet snipes from the point and blasts from the blueline – we crave them all. Whether you’re a fan of the St. Louis Blues or your heart lies with another team, we all share one common bond – love for the game of hockey. Too often we see one another in the stands or converse online, but we rarely scratch the surface. This page is dedicated to doing just that – helping us fans get to know one another just a little bit better.

These brief Q&As  show how even though we all love the same game, we all take it in through a different set of eyes.

Blues Fans

4/29/11 – Laura Astorian (Hildymac) – Blues/Thrashers Blogger

3/30/11 – Lisa Kelly (4LeafCloverGirl) – Blues Fan/Social Media Guru

3/9/11 – Jennifer Metzler (Starla Mint) – Blue Moon Rising Podcast

2/24/11 – Grant Sales – Blues fan living in the UK

Around the NHL

3/20/11  - Carlos Figueiredo (SpeakoftheDevs) – New Jersey Devils Army General

3/2/11 - Ray Flowers – SI Fantasy Hockey Writer & SiriusXM Radio Host