Blues Sweep Western Canada

Blues Sweep Western Canada

Well that went well – much better than expected. Following a tough loss at home against a Tampa Bay side, the Blues were set to take the road against Vancouver, Edmonton and finally Calgary – an intimidating task. The Blues played what might have been their best three games of the season and emerged on the other side with three wins and a very important six points out of six. Merry Christmas Blues fans, our team is back in the playoff hunt.

Just over a week ago, the Blues were sitting tied for last in the league. Flip ahead to Christmas Eve, and the team has improved to 11th in the Western Conference and more important just four points out of a playoff spot. They improved their road record to a ridiculous 11-3-3.

The three wins, especially the one last night against Calgary, weren’t easy to come by. In each, the Blues fought and battled for space on the ice. They initiated attacks as compared to earlier in the season where we saw them sit back and let the opposition dictate the game. If you missed these last three games, I hate to say it but you missed some quality hockey. In my mind, these were the three best games this season we have seen.

Big hitting, strong defense and a power-play we can be proud of.

Last night really did have the storybook feel to it. On his 23rd birthday, T.J. Oshie prepared to take the Blues’ third shootout attempt with a chance to win the game. Sounds sort of like a cheap Disney film, where our hero has the chance to send Blues’ fan off to a happy holiday on his birthday of all days. Thankfully, it was very much real and Oshie pulled off the incredible by slotting his shootout home through the legs – a move very similar to the one he pulled off in San Jose against Evgeni Nabokov.

I apologize for the very brief and short recap today, but as you can imagine it is the holiday season and times are busy. FrozenNotes is going to take a couple days off (rest of today and tomorrow) before returning Saturday for more Blues coverage. The Blues get to enjoy their holiday with a couple days off as well to enjoy their hard work before returning to the ice against Minnesota Saturday night.

Happy Holidays everyone!