One Step Forward, One Step Back

One Step Forward, One Step Back

I already suggested a new motto for this year’s Blues which was “Whatever it Takes – Sometimes”, and the Blues just continue to prove my thought true. The team went on a roll by winning four straight, but have since lost two of the past three. As soon as this side makes progress in the right direction they immediately follow it up by taking a step or two back. By spinning their tires for essentially the entire season so far, the Blues find themselves 13th in the West, with just 51 points through 50 games.

A new coaching change was supposed to inspire and get this team fighting on a more consistent basis. At time, this has been true. When the team is playing well they do look very good and like a side that knows how to score and get the “W”.

When they play poorly, they look like the same side we saw under Andy Murray – an uninspired, sloppy team that fails to execute.

So what have we learned about this team under Davis Payne? Well, at the very least, when this team is playing well they do look a lot sharper than they did under Murray. However, the inconsistency remains as evidenced by Payne’s record with the team sits at 5-4-1.

Mediocrity thy name is Blues.