Wednesday News/Links – 7/15/09

Wednesday News/Links:  7/15/09

Catch up on all the latest news with this Wednesday edition of News/Links. Prospect camp has come and gone, while news around the NHL has been busy including one very upset Martin Havlat.

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Video of the Week

I am resisting the urge to put the Jack Comb’s goal up here again, so instead here is a compilation of some amazing goals that have occured prior to 2006. One fan believes it is the top-20 of all-time, but I think it is just a nice collection that is sure to make you replay it a few times and ask how they did that.

Please Note: I in no way think the horrific Iyzerman goal against Jon Casey is the “best” or even “good” as it was ugly and sad. Speaking of which, anyone hear from Casey lately? Or is he still in hiding?