David Perron Injury Update

David Perron Injury Update

David Perron

Unfortunately, the news to report on David Perron isn’t what fans have been hoping to hear. According to Andy Strickland of TrueHockey.com, David Perron is still not symptom free and still hasn’t been cleared to resume training. Just as before, there still is no timetable as to when Perron might be cleared to start training as it is pretty impossible to guess when his symptoms may finally disappear.

It’s impossible not to feel for Perron who is now almost seven months removed from the original injury that occurred on November 4th.

If you recall from an article that was posted back at the end of May, GM Doug Armstrong stated that if Perron was still experiencing symptoms in July, the team would plan to start the 2011-12 season without him.

At this point, it is a safe bet to assume that Perron won’t be ready to start the year as he has been completely absent from any sort of training for over half a year. Strickland reports in his article that Perron hasn’t been running on a treadmill, nor has he been seen in the weight room, which indicates just how far off he still is.

With no one being able to safely target a date that Perron could start even the most basic of training, it really leaves a lot of doubt as to when Perron might be able to return to NHL action. It’s safe to rule out the beginning of the season for Perron (barring a miraculous recovery in July), and now we might be better off targeting the middle of the year.

The most optimistic of individuals would target a Perron return in the middle stages of 2011-12, but the more realistic side has to realize there is a very real possibility that we may not see Perron for quite some time. For now, fans should keep their expectations in check and hope that Perron can make a safe, and successful return – whenever that might be.