Ryan Reaves & Ian Cole In, Crombeen & Colaiacovo Out

Reaves & Cole In, Crombeen & Colaiacovo Out

Ryan Reaves

It was clear the St. Louis Blues were going to make some roster changes heading into Game 4. Realistically, the team probably should have made some changes prior to Game 3. The changes have finally arrived. Ryan Reaves will join the lineup while B.J. Crombeen is removed. Defensively, the Blues will use Ian Cole over Carlo Colaiacovo.

Ryan Reaves supporters rejoice – the man will finally get some time on the ice. Reaves hasn’t seen any time on the ice since Game 1 against the San Jose Sharks despite plenty of fans urging he see time after the Blues got pushed around in the first game of the current series against LA. Reaves brings more size and a bit more speed, two traits coach Ken Hitchcock is looking for in what could be the team’s final game of the year.

Ian Cole gets the call over Carlo Colaiacovo. Again, Cole adds a bit more size to the lineup. Perhaps more importantly is Colaiacovo being removed after some rather uninspired play over the course of the past several games. Cole played in a forgettable Game 2, taking the place of Alex Pietrangelo, but was forced to the sidelines for Game 3.

What do you think of these roster changes? Personally, I’m all for them – especially the decision to get Ryan Reaves back into the mix. I had thought, and hoped, that Reaves would have been deployed earlier in the series to help set a physical tone for the Blues. At last, he is getting his chance. Unfortunately it might come a little too late.