Free Agency Flurry

Free Agency Flurry

The free agency period is officially underway, and several moves have already taken place in the very first hour. So far, the Blues have yet to make an appearance or surface in any solid rumor speculation, but stay tuned as we monitor throughout the day.

As usual, once the free agency period dies down and catches its breath, FrozenNotes will review what, if any major moves the Blues made and give a breakdown of how they will effect them in the 2009-10 seasons.

Stay tuned.


The Blues have signed netminder Ty Conklin from Detroit for 2 years, $2.6 million. As many of us, myself included, have speculated that the Blues would get an experienced backup this summer and they have done just that. Mason can not handle playing every game as he did in the second half, and by signing Conklin the Blues have a reliable #2.