Most popular Blues stories from 2014

The 2014 calendar year has been an interesting one for the St. Louis Blues. It featured yet another disappointing playoff collapse, a couple noteworthy signings and the start of another new season full of optimism and opportunity. What have been the biggest stories from 2014? Good question. Everyone is going to have their own take, […]


Airing of Grievances: St. Louis Blues edition

It’s Festivus, which means it’s time to gather around the aluminium pole and air some grievances. Granted, you could make the very accurate case that I do that regularly here on this blog, but Festivus allows for a more formal collection of complaints. I got a lot of problems with this team! And now you’re gonna […]


Blues won’t be “overly active” in the trade market

There have been a ton of trade rumors surrounding the St. Louis Blues. Alexander Steen, T.J. Oshie, Patrik Berglund and Brian Elliott have all been mentioned in at least a couple of rumors involving the Boston Bruins and Edmonton Oilers. Based on these reports, it sounded like the Blues were considering a trade which would […]


A Brian Elliott trade would be foolish

Recently there were rumors suggesting the Blues were considering a trade which would send Brian Elliott to a new team. The belief was that the club wouldn’t want to roll with three goaltenders once Elliott returned to full health and it wouldn’t make much sense to retain Elliott, Jake Allen and Martin Brodeur. A lot […]


Discussing the Blues-Bruins trade rumors

By now you’ve probably heard the rumors suggesting the Boston Bruins and the St. Louis Blues are evaluating a potential trade. While these reports fall strictly under the “rumor” label, it has been confirmed that both sides have been closely following a few key players. For the Blues, it’s believed T.J. Oshie, Alexander Steen or […]


David Backes had some teeth rebuilt, still needs additional work

It’s been a tough few games for David Backes. The St. Louis captain has been battered with pucks to the mouth and the details of his injury are nothing short of gruesome. Backes has had a lot of work done and remarkably is still playing through the pain even though he will need additional work […]


Blues are still struggling to close games out

The Blues are 7-2-1 over their last 10 games and they’ve rattled off four consecutive victories. A lot of things are going well for the Blues, but it’s easy for a winning streak to cover up some of the areas the team needs to improve on. One of those areas involves closing games out and […]


Alex Pietrangelo apparently leads the NHL in average puck touches per game

The NHL is apparently tracking some statistics they aren’t sharing publicly on their website. In the era of advanced statistics, the league is aware that more and more fans want more and more ways to track and evaluate their teams and players. With that in mind, the league has been slowly rolling out some interesting and […]

Video: Jake Allen bats the puck out of the air to prevent a goal

Jake Allen’s day against the New York Islanders only lasted 20 minutes, but it also featured the best save of the contest. Allen stops the initial shot and blocks another effort off of his rebound with his stick. The puck floated into the air and Allen quickly swatted it away before it crossed the line.


Brodeur loses in debut, team’s problems more evident than ever

Martin Brodeur lost in his debut with the St. Louis Blues, but the big story doesn’t involve the veteran goaltender’s play in net. For the most part, Brodeur was solid, but the same can’t be said about the team’s defense and special teams. Just one season ago, goaltending was believed to be the major issue […]


Jake Allen’s new fan-designed mask is pretty awesome

Jake Allen held a contest in which fans could design his new goalie mask. After a ton of submissions and some voting, the winner was chosen. The design was then transformed into the lid you see below. A lot of fans were skeptical after the winner was chosen, but the design looks much more impressive […]


Martin Brodeur’s deal with the Blues is all about the bonuses

It’s official – Martin Brodeur is now a member of the St. Louis Blues. For the record, it felt really bizarre to write that sentence and for it to actually be a reality. Brodeur’s deal with the Blues is for one-year and $700,000, but his deal is all about the bonuses. That final aspect of […]