Verizon boosts service in the Scottrade Center

Cell service is notoriously awful inside the Scottrade Center. Even what should be fairly simple, like sending a text message, is nearly impossible. Don’t even try to surf the web or make a call. The idea of having Wi-Fi inside the arena is one that seems like a distant dream.

Verizon has taken steps to remedy that situation for their customers. They’ve installed a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) inside Scottrade.

What’s that mean? Here’s the answer from Verizon:

The DAS installed includes separate antennas located throughout the venue to boost network strength and capacity. It distributes the cell site signal throughout the venue in a manner that provides superior performance and capacity gains over a normal cell site serving the track from outside the venue. The substantial investment of a DAS allows us to serve our customers with the consistent and high quality service they expect.

Sounds pretty good. You’re still out of luck if you’re with another provider, but now maybe we’ll actually see some Tweets from fans attending the game.

(H/T Verizon)

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