T.J. Oshie’s marriage proposal and his summer plans

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch posted a fun interview with T.J. Oshie. It’s behind their new paywall for premium content, but there’s an easy way around that which doesn’t involve having a subscription (Hint – Use the stop button on your browser). Oshie’s interview was so perfectly Oshie that it had to be shared.

Here’s a couple of the highlights, with a special focus on his marriage proposal and his summer plans.

Oshie’s proposal wasn’t elaborate or fancy. In fact, his original plan fell through. Here’s what he told Jeremy Rutherford:

“I had a couple of different ways that I was going to do it. I really wanted to use our dog Charlie because before Lyla, Charlie was like Lauren’s child. She loves him more than anything. Every morning he comes in and lays on us. I was going to tie the ring to his collar and have him lay down, but it didn’t work … he wasn’t cooperating that morning. I wanted to do it before I left for Sochi, so I just did it in our kitchen. I think I might have made her mad. I told her to put a different ring I bought her on her ring finger. She said, ‘No that (finger) is for a wedding ring’ and she kind of walked off. I said, ‘Like this one!’ She kind of paused and turned around. She was silent. I had to ask her a couple of times because she wasn’t saying anything.”

This story is so T.J. Oshie it’s almost unbearable. It may sound cheesy and simple, but the ladies of St. Louis would take it in an instant.

What’s in store for Oshie this summer? He mentions that he’ll be in St. Louis quite a bit as he now has a home here. Oshie mentioned how much he loves it in St. Louis and how he truly enjoys the weather, golf courses and restaurants the Midwest has to offer.

The rest of the interview touched on some pretty familiar topics (disappointing end of the year, Olympics endeavors), but it’s a fun look at one of the team’s most personable players.

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