T.J. Oshie’s media tour after the Olympics

T.J. Oshie has been one busy hockey player. Aside from trying to lead the Blues to a deep playoff run, he’s been featured prominently for his success during the Winter Olympics. You may have heard about Oshie’s appearance on NBC’s Today Show or the Tweet from Barack Obama, but here’s a list of some of the other features and invitations Oshie has received since Sochi.

This list isn’t complete as Oshie seems to be invited to more events by the day, but it’s a look at the balancing act he’s pulling off while skating with the Blues.

National commercial for Enterprise Rent-A-Car which will air during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Invited to White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Appeared on ESPN’s Mike & Mike, Extra and the Golf Channel.

Oshie’s family invited on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Invited on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Invited on CNN’s Piers Morgan Show.

Invited to Valhalla for the Ryder Cup from PGA president Ted Bishop and received a signed golf bag from the U.S. Ryder Cup team.

Featured in Sports Illustrated.

Featured in Golf Digest.

Not bad, right? This list is sure to grow depending on how the Blues perform during the playoffs. It’s also worth noting that Oshie’s jersey was #2 in sales in all of the NHL, trailing just Sidney Crosby’s sweater. He also has received praise from various military organizations after his comments on how the armed forces are the real heroes.

It’s remarkable how much Oshie’s career has shifted over the course of the last few years. It wasn’t long ago that Oshie was receiving criticism for his behavior away from the rink. Remember when he was late for practice and just about everyone had a story about seeing Oshie drinking late at night before a game? It seems like ages ago.

Give credit to Oshie. He matured and turned his career in a positive direction and now he’s receiving praise from just about every national outlet.