Jason Spezza

St. Louis may be a top destination for Jason Spezza

By now you’ve probably heard that the Blues are least somewhat interested in Jason Spezza. Though it’s pretty noteworthy that the Blues are even interested, the whole topic led to two key questions: What would it cost and would Spezza even want to play in St. Louis?

The cost is still unclear, but some rumors suggest it’s pretty high. NHL player, high pick and middle pick high. Still, the Blues should have room under the cap and the assets to acquire Spezza, should they so desire. However, Spezza would be in the final year of his contract and the Blues would probably want to lock him up should they make an expensive trade for the veteran. They won’t want another Ryan Miller expensive rental on their hands.

With that in mind, how interested is Spezza in St. Louis? According to one report, it’s at the top of his list:

Make of that what you will. Spezza has a history of being a bit emotional (some may say diva based on his “they blame losses on me” quotes), so it’s important that he actually wants to come to the team he is traded to or the deal could be a massive bust. All things considered, Spezza to St. Louis holds a lot of water.

Spezza would be a nice upgrade for the Blues. Even at 30, he has proven he can still produce close to a point-per-game pace. That pace will continue to slide as he ages, but that’s the type of production the Blues could use, if the price is right.


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