See how Frozen Notes voted in the Professional Hockey Bloggers’ Association Awards

Recently the crew over at The Royal Half rounded up a huge collection of bloggers in an effort to create an awards list which corrects the mistakes made by the Professional Hockey Writers Association. They asked two blogs from each NHL team as well as a few other individuals to give their opinion, naming their top-5 selections for each NHL award and selecting the winner with a 10-7-5-3-1 point system.

Here’s how the awards shaped up once all of the data was compiled:

Hart Trophy – Sidney Crosby
Lady Byng Trophy – Ryan O’Reilly
Vezina Trophy – Tuukka Rask
Selke Trophy – Patrice Bergeron
Calder Trophy – Nathan MacKinnon
Norris Trophy – Duncan Keith
Adams Trophy – Patrick Roy

These results were identical to my ballot.

I selected Crosby for Hart.

Byng was an easy one since O’Reilly’s season was nearly historically perfect.

Again, Vezina seemed simple as Rask was the clear favorite though Semyon Varlamov was a respectable second option.

Selke was a little more challenging. I went with Bergeron, but I easily could have gone with Anze Kopitar. David Backes came in third on my ballot, because why not?

My Calder vote matched the final result. No explanation needed there as MacKinnon was incredible.

It pained me to do it, but Keith deserves the Norris. Yes, I did vote before the “Wakey, Wakey” incident. Pietrangelo earned a 4th place vote from me, though he really didn’t show any Norris potential in the playoffs.

Adams was Roy by a mile. It’s pretty remarkable what he has accomplished there in just one season.

Curious who some of the other blogs picked to award? You can see the full results here.

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