Report: Sobotka will spend one year in KHL before returning to new NHL team

Get your Google Translator ready. This article from details Vladimir Sobotka’s move to the KHL. While the translator is only moderately useful when it comes to understanding articles like this, it reveals a pretty interesting ending statement suggesting Sobotka has no intention of returning to the Blues.


“His plan? Mastering one year in Omsk, play in the domestic championship and then return to the NHL, where he would like to do another team.”

The translation, as rough as it may be, indicates Sobotka wants to spend one year in the KHL before returning to the NHL with a different team. We can’t really dig too far into this considering the fact a better translation may change a word and thus alter the meaning of the message, but it sounds like Sobotka wants to play for a new NHL club.

The issue here is that Sobotka will still owe the St. Louis Blues one year as soon as he returns to the NHL. This throws a wrench in his “return with another team” idea, but it could occur should he force the Blues to trade him to a new organization.

It’d be silly to read too far into this report, but it’s amazing how quickly a relationship between a team and a player can sour.

David Rogers

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