Report: Blues may be willing to deal Paajarvi, Halak and a first-round pick for a goaltender

Here comes another round of St. Louis Blues trade rumors. Just as the Ryan Miller speculation was starting to die down, the Blues started playing some uninspired hockey which placed the spotlight back on the net and the men who reside there. 

A report from the Edmonton Journal believes that the Blues have some pieces they can part with in order to secure a "true #1" goaltender. Specifically, the Blues could part with Jaroslav Halak, Magnus Paajarvi and a first-round pick in order to go out and secure the services of a starting goaltender such as Ryan Miller.

As always, it's important to remember this is just a discussion and pure speculation, but it's interesting seeing who other writers believe the Blues would have to part with in order to change their situation in goal.

When it comes to the Ryan Miller rumors, too often fans forget about one key element: What the Blues would have to give up. Miller won't come cheap. In this specific scenario, parting with Halak may not be a huge issue if you're receiving a goaltender in return. However, the price sounds a bit more steep when you add in the idea of Paajarvi (a guy you just received in the Perron trade) and a first-rounder. Sounds kind of pricey to me when you have two men (Halak and Elliott) who have some of the best numbers in the league.

So, would you make that trade? Personally, I wouldn't. I'm still not convinced a guy like Miller is the answer, but I wonder what other fans think when you actually see a few names on the St. Louis roster named as potential movable pieces.