Reaction to the Brent Seabrook hit on David Backes

Brent Seabrook’s hit on David Backes was an ugly one. The Chicago defenseman leveled Backes with a shoulder which struck the St. Louis captain in the head. Opinions on the hit have varied, but most agree that the hit deserves some NHL discipline.

Here’s the hit if you missed it:


Here’s what Seabrook said about the hit after the game:

Ken Hitchcock added a few thoughts:

As you might imagine, the Blues players weren’t very happy either:

Blues fans had plenty of reactions as well, but most of those aren’t appropriate for print. Blackhawks fans have been more divisive (shocking!), but a lot have agreed the hit wasn’t the best.

Will Seabrook see some sort of discipline from the NHL? He should, but this is the NHL we’re talking about here. Seabrook isn’t a repeat offender, so that should limit any form of punishment. Two games is probably a realistic sentence, but again, the NHL Wheel of Justice is an unpredictable one.

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