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Poll Results: Fans want to see Ryan Miller walk

At the end of April (April 28th, to be exact) I posted a poll asking fans to offer their opinion on the Ryan Miller contract situation. The options were simple – Should the Blues sign Miller to a new deal or should they let him walk?

When I posted the poll, I wasn’t sure how it would pan out. I assumed a certain percentage of fans would be eager to see Miller go with the playoff collapse still fresh in their minds. This proved to be the case, but I never expected the poll results to be quite so lopsided.



Out of a total of 357 votes, 77.87% of users (278) want to see the Blues let Miller walk. Only 22.13% (79 users) want to see him signed to a new deal. As mentioned above, a portion of that has to be chalked up to the painful playoff loss and the numbers may be a bit closer now that we’ve had some time to digest the disappointing exit.

Still, this wasn’t just a vocal minority. Miller’s average performance and the Blues’ early exit suddenly had fans realizing that a long-term deal for a 33-year-old (34 in July) goaltender may not be the best idea when you have an interesting prospect in Jake Allen waiting in the wings.

The Blues have already decided that Allen will be with the Blues in 2014-15. It remains to be seen who will be joining him, but if it’s up to the Blues fans who voted in this poll, it won’t be Miller.

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