Photos: Backes, Oshie and Elliott love dogs

The St. Louis Blues have some animal lovers within their ranks. More specifically, they have several guys who absolutely love dogs. David Backes is well recognized for his contributions towards saving dogs and adoption, but other players including T.J. Oshie and Brian Elliott are also big canine supporters. 

Need proof? 

The picture at the top of this article is of Oshie and Backes carrying two dogs in Sochi. They ended up bringing these dogs home with the hope of saving them from being put down in Russia. 

Here's the same two pups on the plane:

Pretty awesome.

Oh, and let's not forget about Brian Elliott. Though he wasn't in Sochi, he still showed how much he loves his dog during the Soulard Pet Parade this past weekend. 

Here he is with one big, hilarious dog: