Other Olympic events the Blues should compete in

The St. Louis Blues are off for the next couple of weeks. While Olympic hockey is a nice substitute (you know, if you're actually able to watch the games and not have them spoiled), it's just not the same as Blues hockey, especially considering how well 2013-14 has gone. 

There are several members of the organization you could follow in Sochi. However, due to some boredom and a lack of Blues things to write about, here's a list of other Olympic events the Blues should compete in.


Ryan Reaves. Please, please make this happen. The man would shatter some of those rocks and then yell at the crowd. Yelling is a pretty common occurrence in the event, so he'd fit right in. Bonus points for pulling someone's shirt over their head if they knock one of his rocks out of the circle. 

Speed Skating

Magnus Paajarvi. He's the fastest guy on the roster and he's a guy you can't help but root for. Perfect combination. Bonus points if he carries his stick during the event. 

Figure Skating

This is a tough one. T.J. Oshie is the master of spinning / twirling around the ice and Jaden Schwartz is a solid choice too, but Ian Cole has the look down.

Have to give this one to Cole. Bonus points if he dances with Pang. 

Ice Dancing

Patrik Berglund. You know you want to see him Teach Us How to Bergie on ice. 

Bonus points if he wears the shirt above. 

Luge / Skeleton / Etc.

Group of guys sliding down the ice. This one is too easy. No one on the Blues is better at leaving his feet and slipping on the ice than Oshie. This one is locked up. Bonus points if his Bobsleigh partner is Ken Hitchcock. 


What happens when skiing is crossed with rifles? The biathlon, apparently. Have to pick one of the goaltenders for this one. You have to be a little off to participate in an event this weird and that perfectly describes every NHL goaltender. 


Feel free to add your selections below.