Keith Tkachuk named in lawsuit by Triad Bank

Keith Tkachuk has been named in a lawsuit filed by Triad Bank against Grand Slam Sports, the parent company of KFNS 590 AM. The suit is in regards to two different loans Grand Slam Sports has defaulted on. Tkachuk is one of several individuals named, including former St. Louis Rams player Orlando Pace. Both men were named due to their status as investors with the company.

The lawsuit states Tkachuk owes 10.6% of the defaulted loans, which comes to $116,000.

This isn’t the first time Grand Slam Sports and KFNS 590 AM have been in the news. As of late, the whole station and business have been a circus sideshow. Controversies have raged over firings and fights which have occurred between employees. It’s unfortunate to see Tkachuk involved in this suit, but it’s fair to assume that he probably invested well before the company took a turn down crazy street.

Photo via St. Louis Blues

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