Jaroslav Halak asks to sit out against Blues

Jaroslav Halak won’t face the Blues on Tuesday night.

Pretty bold and bizarre move by Halak as the Capitals are struggling to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Capitals trade for the goaltender only to watch him sit out when they need him most. Not the best way to endear yourself with your new management and fans.

Then there’s the free agency topic…

Talk about hurting your value. A strong performance down the stretch could earn Halak a nice new deal.

Is it comparable to Ryan Miller sitting out a game against Buffalo? Not really.

At the very least, this should make St. Louis management feel pretty good about the Miller trade. If Halak is too shaken to face his old club in an important match for his new team, you have to question how he’d hold up during a long Cup run. If he is that shaken to face the Blues for just 60 minutes, how are you supposed to have faith in him during the long, grueling postseason?

Maybe, Jaro. Maybe.

David Rogers

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