Edmonton Journal writer really thinks the Blues are after Ryan Miller

Another day, another Ryan Miller trade rumor. After the Blues were crushed 7-1 by the New Jersey Devils, Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal Tweeted that he believes the Blues are after Ryan Miller in a "big way."

If Matheson's name sounds familiar, it's because he's the same writer who predicted the Blues would be willing to give up Magnus Paajarvi, Jaroslav Halak and a first-round pick in exchange for a new goaltender. 

There are two possible scenarios here:

1. Matheson knows something no one else does and will look like a genius after the Blues pull off a big deal.
2. Matheson is way off and is just spewing rumors which aren't based in fact. 

Which scenario is more likely? Considering how quiet other reporters have been on the situation, it's easy to say the second scenario. It's also worth noting that Doug Armstrong rarely tips his hand and it's hard to believe a writer for the Edmonton Journal has more information than the writers who travel with the team.