Duncan Keith taunts David Backes after Seabrook’s hit

Brent Seabrook’s hit on David Backes was probably enough to make your blood boil if you support the St. Louis Blues. If it wasn’t, the Blackhawks taunting Backes after the dirty hit probably did the trick.

Jonathan Toews is clearly seen yelling at Backes. The two have plenty of history (see: Toews barfing in the penalty box after Backes pummeled him), so it’s not exactly surprising. Unfortunately, there’s no audio of what Toews was saying, but the microphones did pick up what Duncan Keith was shouting.

Listen to Keith saying, “Wakey, wakey Backes. Wakey, wakey,” at the 0:35 mark of this video.

The Blackhawks have a history of taunting injuries, so maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised. Add this in with Keith’s slashes to just about every player on the St. Louis roster and you have a skater the Blues will be targeting as this series pans out.

David Rogers

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