Did Jake Muzzin spit on Blues fans?

There's an interesting debate going around right now about Jake Muzzin's departure from the Blues-Kings game on Thursday. As he headed down the tunnel, Muzzin lifted his head and made what looks to be a spitting motion in the direction of some fans. You can't see anything fly out of his mouth, so he may have just been miming the action, but the debate has been raging ever since fans saw it on the broadcast. 

If the GIF above (courtesy of @hildymac from Puck Drunk Love) isn't clear enough, here's video of the "spitting" incident. Skip ahead to the 5:00 mark. 

Pretty inconclusive stuff. Muzzin did plenty of despicable things in this game, but I'm not so sure we can add spitting on the crowd to his resume just yet. He's definitely doing something which looks rather unnatural, but it's pretty difficult to make any firm conclusions. 

What do you think? Did he spit?