Blues will attend Yale women’s hockey game to honor Mandi Schwartz

The St. Louis Blues will attend a Yale women's hockey game on January 24th in an effort to honor the memory of Mandi Schwartz. Mandi, the sister of Jaden, passed away from cancer in 2011. The "White Out for Mandi" event will raise money for the Mandi Schwartz Foundation. The hope is the event will fill the 3,500-seat arena. 

The Blues will also practice at the arena in the afternoon of the 24th. The practice is open to the public. 

Carol Schwartz, mother of Mandi and Jaden, commented: 

Our family was very deeply touched when we heard that the Blues organization committed to attending the White Out for Mandi and was also moving their practice to Ingalls Rink. We would especially like to thank Blues president of hockey operations and general manager Doug Armstrong, head coach Ken Hitchcock and all Jaden’s teammates for supporting this great event in honor of Mandi.

I think this commitment to attend the White Out for Mandi speaks volumes about the depth of the Blues organization. This is a true reflection of the heart and soul of the Blues family — a family that drafted Jaden knowing full well that during the draft Jaden’s heart, mind and soul were in the midst of the greatest tragedy he would probably ever face. A family that stood by him, that supported him throughout, that provided him with opportunities when the time was right and now a family that will stand by him as he for the first time walks into Ingalls Rink and skates in the arena that his sister Mandi so loved and cherished.

(H/T The Courant)