Blues fans are apparently pretty loyal

St. Louis Blues fans are a dedicated bunch. You probably could have assumed as much considering the Scottrade Center continues to draw fairly large crowds despite the fact the organization has yet to win a Cup.

So, is there a way to measure just how loyal Blues fans are compared to fans of other teams? Apparently there is, as seen in this article from Forbes. According to their methodology, Blues fans come in 4th (tied with San Jose) in terms of Most Loyal Fans in the NHL.

Here’s how this list was calculated:

“These assessments come from 150 self-classified fans in each of the teams’ own DMAs (Designated Market Area).”

It’s a pretty small sample size and it’s a pretty subjective study/survey, but what did you expect when it comes to such vague concepts such as brand loyalty? Still, it’s nice to see the Blues were near the top of the list.

David Rogers

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