Armstrong: Jake Allen will be with the Blues in 2014-15

The St. Louis goaltending picture for 2014-15 is a cloudy one. Will the Blues retain Ryan Miller? What does the future hold for Brian Elliott? Will the team bring in an entirely new face between the pipes? What about Jake Allen?

Today, Doug Armstrong answered one of those questions. Jake Allen will be with the Blues at the NHL level in 2014-15.

He most certainly has earned it. Allen was named the best goaltender (OK, technically “Most Outstanding”) in the AHL this season. He has nothing left to prove, or gain, down in the AHL.

So, if Allen is a lock for next season, who joins him?

It all comes down to how much faith the Blues have in Allen. If they think he’ll be a stud sooner than later, there’s no reason to splash out big money on Miller. You probably should ask why you made the Miller trade in the first place if you have faith in Allen, but that’s a whole other topic. Instead, you can sign a cheaper option (Elliott?) who would split time with Allen. If you don’t have much faith in Allen, then you probably need to ask why you still have him in the mix in the first place.

David Rogers

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